Lephalale Leads in 2024: School Leadership Programme launches this March

Citizen Leader Lab, a leading Non-Profit organisation in South Africa, is set to launch its renowned Leaders for Education (previously Partner for Possibility) programme in Lephalale this March. The programme aims to address the education challenges that resonate deeply with Lephalale residents through an emphasis on school leadership development, community building and public and private sector partnerships.

Citizen Leader Lab facilitates key public-private partnerships for lasting solutions to education challenges. Through its Leaders for Education programme, public school principals are paired with private sector business leaders in a 12-month leadership programme. Accredited coaches oversee these partnerships, providing guidance and support to ensure participants are equipped to drive positive change in schools and their surrounding communities.

Since 2015, three cohorts of school principals and business leaders in Lephalale have benefited from Citizen Leader Lab’s world-class leadership development. This year’s cohort, facilitated by Astrid Basson, an Independent Training & Coaching Professional, continues the legacy of empowering participants from the coal mining town with valuable leadership skills. This is made possible through funding made available by the FEM Education Foundation (FEMEF) and the Capitec Foundation.

Leaders for Education is focused on developing strong school leadership, as research shows that this is a pivotal factor to the success of a school.

‘’When school principals are adept at leadership, they are better able to support their teaching staff. This leads to improved teacher morale and motivation, and more innovation. The learners enjoy a more conducive and enriching learning environment. Through our Leaders for Education programme, school principals are not only empowered to become effective leaders. We begin to see positive changes at every level of the education system,” says Citizen Leader Lab’s Regional Manager for Limpopo, Audrey Jones.

This year, Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) leaders in Lephalale, with an annual turnover of under R50 million, are invited to participate.

The programme boasts tangible, real-world benefits for SMME leaders and their businesses. Beyond enhancing basic leadership skills, the programme offers unparalleled networking opportunities – all with a keen awareness of the time constraints these leaders face.

‘’This tailored approach creates an environment that nurtures both personal and professional development, providing SMME leaders with the tools to overcome challenges unique to them.  As SMME leaders navigate the education system alongside a school principal, they refine their ability to lead, ‘’ says Jones.

Citizen Leader Lab invites school principals and SMME leaders (with an annual turnover of under R50 million) to enrol in its Leaders for Education programme in Lephalale. Participate in a leadership development programme that will transform your school, community or business.

The programme will commence in March 2024. Please register your interest by contacting Astrid Basson. Email: Astrid@Citizenleaderlab.org