Citizen Leader Lab Launches Innovative Leadership Programmes for Education and Municipality Sectors

Citizen Leader Lab, a public benefit organisation committed to developing leadership that builds a better future for ALL, is thrilled to announce the introduction of new programmes that are set to revolutionise the education and municipality sectors, empowering leaders and driving positive change.

In February Citizen Leader Lab unveiled its School Management Team (SMT) Leadership Development Programme. Given the pivotal role that SMT leaders play in the success of schools, the programme empowers them to transition from self-management to effective team management and accountability.

CEO of Citizen Leader Lab, Komala Pillay, said: “The SMT Leadership Programme aligns with our long-standing commitment to the education sector and complements our renowned Leaders for Education (previously Partners for Possibility) programme.’’

Distinguished by its unique peer-to-peer learning approach, the 12-month programme encourages collaboration among SMT leaders, enabling them to share experiences and best practices. Built on the internationally acclaimed 70:20:10 learning model, the programme combines action, social and formal learning to generate maximum insight and impact for participants. This inaugural group of SMT leaders is sponsored by the Capitec Foundation.

Dr Mariette Myburgh, who was instrumental in designing and piloting the programme, said it “offers the opportunity to expedite positive change in schools and build a strong pipeline of future school principals.” Participants in the pilot emerged with improved skills in listening, collaboration, conflict resolution, delegation and teamwork. They were encouraged to step up and lead projects independently of the school principal. Their schools benefited from action-learning projects, including the launch of a maths competition, a reading promotion initiative and a new food garden.

In partnership with Sphere Holdings, Citizen Leader Lab also launched the brand new Leaders for Municipality programme in February. This 12-month leadership development intervention is aimed at capacitating and supporting municipal leaders across South Africa.  Adopting the learning methodology of our successful Leaders for Education programme, Leaders for Municipality aims to strengthen municipal leadership, paving the way for enhanced public services, economic development and overall community well-being.

The programme’s pilot phase will see municipal leaders from the City of Cape Town paired with business leaders from the private sector.

“Our leadership development and cross-sectoral collaboration model is transferable to other public sector spaces, and we are excited to be partnering with businesses and municipalities to do this work,” said Pillay.

Itumeleng Kgaboesele, Founder and CEO of Sphere Holdings, added: “Having seen the impact of Leaders for Education first-hand, it is clear to me that business must also partner with municipal leaders. Faced with mounting service delivery challenges, this initiative is a hands-on endeavour to co-create a future where municipalities thrive. As in the business sector, stability is a key imperative, and Leaders for Municipality will play a role in shaping a future where municipalities are well-managed, resilient and responsive to the needs of citizens.”

Old Mutual has also come on board as co-sponsor, emphasising the importance of addressing service delivery challenges for South Africa’s economic and social well-being.

Celiwe Ross, the Public Affairs Director of Old Mutual, reiterated: “Our CEO, Mr Iain Williamson, earlier this year at the World Economic Forum emphasised the urgent need to address our service delivery challenges in South Africa. This will not only put us in a better position to attract more investment into the country, but it will also ensure that every South African has access to basic service and infrastructure needs. This initiative is aligned with our business objectives.”

Citizen Leader Lab, Sphere Holdings and Old Mutual are currently in discussion with another municipality about establishing a second pilot.