School for Community

The School for Community programme is an extension of our Leaders for Education initiative, with a particular focus on mobilising engagement and garnering support for the school from teachers, parents and neighbouring community members. As school leaders and their business partners continue implementing projects aimed at addressing school challenges, they receive support from coach-facilitators to apply the leadership and community engagement skills they have acquired.


Top 5 Benefits

Leadership Growth

School principals and their business leader partners receive ongoing support and coaching to refine their leadership skills


Enhanced Community Engagement

The programme enhances participants’ skills for mobiliseing support for the school from teachers, parents and the surrounding community, fostering a deeper sense of ownership for the school’s success.

Strengthened School-Community Relations

Cultivating stronger bonds between the school and the community promotes increased trust, co-operation and positive interactions.


Improved Learner Outcomes

Greater community involvement and support enables schools to provide a more conducive learning environment, potentially resulting in improved learner performance.

Sustainable Improvement

By prioritising community support, the programme empowers schools to develop enduring solutions to their unique challenges.


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