On 14 September, industry leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs gathered at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg for the 2023 edition of Leaderex.

Citizen Leader Lab, a leadership development non-profit and proud partner of Leaderex, hosted a robust conversation on overcoming South Africa’s most pressing challenges through leadership and nation-building.

Here are some snapshots from the conversation:

Our host, Dr. Kolosa Madikezela, on what moves her as a leader

The issue of transformation is close to me – but it’s not just about gender and race.

Being in a position to transform myself, my environment and ensure that voice in the room is heard is critical.

This philosophy was explored and validated when I participated on Citizen leader Lab’s Partners for Possibility programme, where I was a business leader partner to a school principal.

Tim Schultz, Partner at Brunswick Group, on nation-building and the racism of low expectations

In South Africa, the vast majority of our people exist in terrible circumstances. Our people will only ride through these circumstances if they have ambition, and if they are imbued with a sense of what they are truly capable of.

We need to be more ambitious. Ambitious about what our institutions can do, and what individuals can do.

Komala Pillay, CEO of Citizen Leader, on the purpose of Citizen Leader Lab’s work

Empowering leaders in the public sector to create systemic change matters. Why?

Our public sector serves 85% of our people, If the public sector fails, we fail 85% of our people.

There’s so much human potential. If we love each other, we can unleash that potential.

Mzila Mthenjane, CEO of Minerals Council South Africa, on the role of business in nation-building, and his philosophy on leadership

What we do, as business, about our electricity challenges, crime and corruption is critical for nation-building. The focus is not merely on contributing – but contributing in a way that projects respect, dignity and accountability.

It is not an easy job being a leader, but it is still a choice. I strive to be a leader who leads with vision and foresight, boldness and selflessness.

Citizen Leader Lab develops and strengthens the capacity of leaders in the public and private sectors. Through our unique learning methodology, we partner leaders in business with leaders in the public sector to help address some of South Africa’s most pressing challenges.

Let’s turn challenges into opportunities, nurture ambition and unlock our nation’s potential together! Email info@citizenleaderlab.org for more information on how you can fund or participate in our dynamic leadership development programmes 

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