In an exciting development on the South Coast, Citizen Leader Lab, a Non-profit Organisation dedicated to leadership development in the public and private sectors, will launch its dynamic leadership programme, Partners for Possibility, on the South Coast this October. What makes this truly special is the opportunity for eight small to medium sized enterprise (SMME) leaders from the South Coast to participate in this programme, valued at R125,000 each, at no cost.

Citizen Leader Lab’s 12-month leadership programme takes business and public-school leadership to a new level. It is built on the idea that with the strong leadership, business can thrive and schools can be transformed into vibrant institutions that provide quality education. The programme partners business leaders and school principals. Principals receive the support, management skills and access to a broader network of resources needed to create more conducive teaching and learning school environments. Simultaneously, business leaders enhance their own leadership ability by learning to lead in the complex environment of a South African public school. The programme encourages collaboration as it leverages the diverse skill sets of both participants. Worldclass workshops, professional coaching and incredible materials form part of the programme.

The financial support for this launch is made possible by Citizen Leader Lab’s long-standing funder, the FEM Education Foundation.

Now in its 13th year of impact in the leadership development sector, Citizen Leader Lab’s school leadership programme has successfully extended its footprint into other parts of KwaZulu Natal such as the North Coast, Durban and the inland region of the Midlands. The inaugural launch of the programme on the South Coast marks the first step towards a greater vision for this region.

‘’Our hope is that businesses will witness the profound impact of the programme and be inspired to invest in future school principal-business leader partnerships,” says Citizen Leader Lab’s Regional Manager for KwaZulu Natal, Audrey Jones.

Participating business leaders and school principals have the opportunity to experience a research-backed, world-class leadership development programme where they can contribute their skills and drive meaningful change.

‘’The programme equips business leaders with strategies to navigate a complex working environment other than their own, engage key stakeholders effectively and foster a deeper understanding of the under-resourced communities that SMMES operate in,’’ says Jones.

Citizen Leader Lab’s school leadership programme is poised to bridge the gap between schools and businesses, creating a synergistic relationship that not only benefits both sectors but also contributes to a brighter future for all in the South Coast,’’ adds Jones.

SMME leaders operating on the South Coast with a turnover of R50 million or below are invited to express their interest to participate in Citizen Leader Lab’s coveted school leadership development programme. Eight lucky leaders will be chosen to embark on this life-changing journey at no cost.

For more information and to apply for this unique opportunity, contact

About Citizen Leader Lab

Citizen Leader Lab is committed to nurturing resilient leaders who embody responsible leadership, active citizenship and unity in the public and private sectors. Our mission is to drive positive change in communities and society at large. With a vision of leadership that builds a better future for all, we offer an array of leadership development programmes and workshops. We also facilitate cross-sectoral collaboration to create opportunities for active citizenship and social cohesion. Leveraging our 13 years of experience, we continue to strengthen our presence in the education sector, while extending our influence to other public sectors.

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