In the wake of the concerning Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) results which highlighted South Africa’s ongoing education challenges, Citizen Leader Lab has committed to making a change. The leadership development organisation will be launching its dynamic school leadership programme this September at selected schools in Greytown, KwaZulu Natal.

Partnerships between the public and private sectors are crucial in tackling the multi-faceted challenges in education. Citizen Leader Lab aims to bring together schools, communities and businesses to create lasting solutions to these challenges. The school leadership programme facilitates this by pairing school principals from public schools with business leaders from the private sector in a comprehensive 12-month leadership journey. These unique partnerships are overseen by accredited coaches, ensuring that both the school principals and business leader participants receive the guidance and support needed to drive change within schools and surrounding communities.

The programme places an emphasis on developing strong school leadership, as research has shown that this factor is pivotal to the success of a school.

‘’When school principals are adept at leadership, they are better able to support their teaching staff. This leads to improved teacher morale and motivation, and more innovation. The learners benefit from a more conducive and enriching learning environment. Through Citizen Leader Lab’s school leadership programme, school principals are not only empowered to become effective leaders. We begin to see positive changes at every level of the education system,” says Citizen Leader Lab’s Regional Manager for KwaZulu Natal, Audrey Jones.

Participating business leaders, too, will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons beyond boardrooms and balance sheets. By collaborating closely with school principals, they will begin to gain insight into the challenges faced by public schools while working on their own leadership skills.

‘’This programme allows business leaders to hone their leadership skills in the complex, real-world setting of a South African public school. As the business leader navigates the education system alongside a school principal, they have the opportunity to refine their ability to lead. These lessons in leadership are transferable, contributing to their own growth as influential, conscious leaders within their respective industries,’’ adds Jones.

Unlock your leadership potential with Citizen Leader Lab! Are you ready to create #TheFutureWeWant?

What’s in it for school principals? Embark on a journey of growth that will equip you with the skills to create a thriving schooling environment.

What in it for business leaders? Step out of your comfort zone! Gain insights into the challenges that plague the South African education system, while refining your own ability to lead in a complex environment.

Email Citizen Leader Lab’s Regional Manager for KwaZulu Natal, Audrey Jones, for more information.

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