Transforming Education: Chivonne Abrahams to Lead School Leadership Programme in Gauteng

Abrahams, a seasoned Executive Coach with a passion for driving social change, is gearing up for an exciting new adventure as a facilitator with Citizen Leader Lab

Citizen Leader Lab is expanding its impact in Gauteng by launching its renowned school leadership programme, Leaders for Education (previously Partners for Possibility), this March. The Non-Profit organisation is dedicated to leadership development that harnesses the collaborative power of the education and business sectors, as well as communities, and believes that partnerships between the public and private sectors are essential in addressing the challenges in education and society as a whole.

School principals from various public schools will collaborate with business leaders from the private sector in a meticulously designed, research-based leadership development programme spanning 12 months. Together, they will confront the unique challenges encountered by their respective schools, with the goal of not only creating school environments conducive to teaching and learning, but also strengthening the bonds between schools and their communities.

The process will be facilitated by Chivonne Abrahams, a Gordon Institute of Business Science certified professional coach with over nine years of experience. Abrahams, who is also the founder and CEO of Transcend Coaching Solutions, has a proven track record of guiding individuals and organisations toward meaningful growth and social impact.

When asked about her motivation to join Citizen Leader Lab as a facilitator, Abrahams passionately shared: “We all have the opportunity to decide whether we will be active citizens in our communities, or whether we will be on the side-lines lamenting the current condition. Like all who have joined hands with Citizen Leader Lab, I choose to be the former: To be a catalyst for change who actively disrupts the status quo. I believe that Citizen Leader Lab creates the perfect environment to drive social change in tangible ways.”

Abrahams emphasised that her role as a Citizen Leader Lab facilitator is to create a space for the school principals and business leaders to engage deeply with each other’s very different worlds. This, she believes, lays the foundation for enduring partnerships that bring together diverse perspectives and solutions, while also providing school principals with access to social capital that they may not have had outside of the programme.

“Citizen Leader Lab’s ethos of creating impact through the strategic partnering of the private and public sector speaks to the heart of practical collaboration. It is an approach that I believe we can all be inspired by when we think about creating social impact,’’ she explained.

Excited for the journey that lies ahead, Abrahams added: “I look forward to connecting with people who are passionate about collectively making a difference in education. I look forward to hearing their stories and to seeing budding partnerships blossom into firmly rooted partnerships.’’

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