Exclusive Leadership Opportunity for SMME Leaders in Bothaville

Citizen Leader Lab, a Non-Profit dedicated to leadership development in the public and private sectors, will launch its dynamic leadership programme, Leaders for Education (previously Partners for Possibility), in Bothaville, Welkom this April. What sets this apart is the chance for eight leaders of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs) from the area to take part in this programme. 

Rooted in the belief that strong leadership is pivotal for the success of businesses and schools alike, the Leaders for Education programme pairs business leaders with school principals on a collaborative leadership journey. Principals gain invaluable support, management skills and access to social capital which, in time, contributes to more conducive teaching and learning environments within their schools. At the same time, business leaders refine their leadership skills by navigating the complex landscape of a South Africa public school. The programme capitalises on the diverse skill sets of its participants and offers world-class workshops, professional coaching and comprehensive learning materials.

In Bothaville, a community known for its prosperous maize farming industry, social challenges persist. High unemployment and food insecurity are prevalent issues among residents. Yet, programmes like Leaders for Education offer a promising path forward. As SMME leaders sharpen their business skills, school principals enhance their ability to lead and educate the youth. This partnership uplifts both businesses and schools, creating a mutually beneficial outcome for the entire community.

Expressing his optimism about the impact of the programme, Citizen Leader Lab’s Regional Manager for the Free State, Selwyn Page, said: “Leaders for Education boasts tangible, real-world benefits for SMME leaders and their businesses. Beyond enhancing basic leadership skills, the programme offers unparalleled networking opportunities – all with a keen awareness of the time constraints these leaders face.’’

‘’This tailored approach creates an environment that nurtures both personal and professional development, providing SMME leaders with the tools to overcome challenges unique to them.  As SMME leaders navigate the education system alongside a school principal, they refine their ability to lead. The programme bridges the gap between schools and businesses, creating a relationship that not only benefits both sectors but also contributes to a brighter future for all in Bothaville,’’ Page added.

With over a decade of impact in leadership development, Citizen Leader Lab has successfully expanded its reach into all nine of South Africa’s provinces, including large metropolitan cities and outlying rural areas. This launch is Bothaville is made possible through the generous support of the FEM Education Foundation, a long-standing partner of Citizen Leader Lab.

With the launch imminent, Page called on qualifying SMME leaders to sign up.

‘’SMME leaders in Bothaville are encouraged to express their interest in participating in this coveted leadership development programme. Eight lucky leaders will be selected to embark on this transformative journey at.’’ Page concluded.

For further details and to apply for this opportunity, please contact Citizen Leader Lab facilitator for Welkom, Alexis Moshodi.

Email: Alexis@Citizenleaderlab.org