The programme focuses on supporting strong school leadership, which research shows is vital for school success

Leaders for Education

Our Leaders for Education programme (which is a refresh of Partners for Possibility), pairs public school principals with business leaders from the private sector in a year-long, immersive leadership development experience. Launching in 2024 with new content on African leadership, ethics and wellness, Leaders for Education will build on the impressive 13-year history of Partners for Possibility and deepen our impact in education.

This programme focuses on developing robust school leadership, which research shows is vital for school success. Effective principals play a pivotal role in nurturing and supporting teachers, boosting morale, inspiring motivation and fostering innovation. This creates an environment that is conducive to learning and inspires positive changes within the education system as a whole. Furthermore, business leaders derive benefit from this collaboration by gaining profound insights into the challenges faced by public schools, while enhancing their own leadership skills beyond the confines of the boardroom.


Increased confidence and resilience

  • Enhanced listening and delegation skills
  • Improved ability to positively engage stakeholders
  • Access to an on-going support system
  • Become more effective change agents


  • Improved leadership and culture
  • Higher levels of engagement from educators, learners, parents
  • Context-driven improvement projects
  • Improved learning outcomes due to more effective leadership

Business Leaders

  • Enhanced leadership skills, including the ability to influence without direct authority
  • Better understanding of the context within under-resourced communities
  • Stronger relationships with communities surrounding their business
  • An opportunity to make a significant contribution


School principals and business leaders: Are you ready to create the #TheFutureWewant?

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