We believe that accountability, responsible leadership, active citizenship and unity are essential in developing resilient leaders who can catalyse positive change in their communities and broader society

Citizen Leader Lab develops and strengthens the leadership capability of individuals in the private and public sectors. Our unique approach to learning, involves pairing business leaders with their counterparts in the public sector. 

We offer an array of programmes and workshops aimed at fostering social cohesion and driving substantial social transformation in South Africa.

Additionally, we facilitate collaboration that transcends sectoral boundaries, fostering robust connections and partnerships while nurturing a culture of active citizenship.

Having achieved considerable milestones in the education sector since 2011, we are now broadening our impact to other public sectors. Our primary focus remains on developing leadership skills and encouraging active citizenship as we continue to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Our Origin Story

In the vibrant community of Grassy Park, Cape Town, a groundbreaking and unique partnership for possibility was established in 2010. Dr Louise van Rhyn, social entrepreneur and organisation development expert, partnered with the then Principal of Kannemeyer Primary School, Ridwan Samodien. Driven by their shared vision to enhance the quality of education provided by Kannemeyer, their collaboration ignited transformation not only within the school but throughout the surrounding community. Their achievements became a symbol of hope, inspiring others to follow their example.

The Team Behind the Mission

Meet the dedicated individuals fuelling the success of Citizen Leader Lab