Community Building

Our two-day Community Building workshop draws inspiration from the pioneering work of Peter Block, renowned globally for his work on empowerment, citizenship, leadership and community-change processes. Designed for active citizens who care about our collective future, these workshops create opportunities for South Africans to learn powerful ways of connecting, bridging boundaries and discover their power to create #TheFutureWeWant rather than relying on others to take action.

Top 5 Benefits

Enhanced Community Leadership Skills

Participants acquire the skills needed to effectively lead and engage with diverse groups, promoting unity and collaboration within their communities.

Improved Communication and Collaboration

Participants hone their communication and collaboration abilities, enabling them to bridge gaps and resolve conflicts, thereby strengthening and making their communities more inclusive.


Participants unearth their own potential to create positive change within their communities.

Networking Opportunities

The workshop offers a unique platform for connecting with like-minded individuals who share a passion for community building.

Contributing to a Better Future

Participants emerge as catalysts for positive community transformation, actively contributing to a collective effort aimed at addressing pressing social issues.

Be the change for #TheFutureWeWant to see!

To enhance your community building skills and learn more about Citizen Leader Lab’s School for Community programme, email